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 Frequently Asked Questions

  When is the best time of year to clean my home?
 Any time is great time to clean your property but December, January and February are
ideal months. This is our least busy season so we can get to our customers a little bit
quicker than in the spring months.

Do I have to be home when my house is cleaned?
  No you do not have to be home. You can schedule your job, tell us what you want
cleaned, and we will leave you an invoice in an envelope on your front door once the work
is done. If you are able to take a call when we arrive, we can call you and provide prices
for services if you would like.

What do I need to do to prepare for cleaning?
  Close windows and doors, move cars to the street and move your personal iems inside
the house or away from the areas to be cleaned. Moving things like wreaths, patio
furniture, cushions, rugs, hanging baskets, potted plants and anything you are willing to
move would be ideal. Very heavy potted plants can be covered with a garbage bag if you
have one handy. Keep pets inside and unlock gates and screen doors.

What payment methods are available?
  We accept cash or check. You don't pay until the work is complete. We can leave you an
invoice with a self addressed envelope. If you are a property manager or live out of the
area, we can mail an invoice also.

Will your pressure harm my windows ?
  Absolutely not. Assuming average houses have ten windows, we have cleaned at least
750,000 windows without damaging one. We are low pressure specialists.