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White's Housewashing

(850) 944-5393      Since 1977
Our Services Include:

Houses -- Buildings

Patios -- Driveways -- Pavers

Pool Decks -- Screen Enclosures

Shingle Roofs

Fences -- Decks -- Composite Decks

Brick -- Stucco

Vinyl -- Hardie Products

Painted & Stained Wood Siding

All services are performed using low pressure
and great care regarding your plants and property.
Houses: We clean the entire house which includes the fascia, eaves, walls, doors and windows. The front
porch is included as well as most steps and stoops. (Roofs are separate items).

Concrete: Our low pressure approach is totally safe and effective for any concrete including, sealed,
stained and painted applications.

Pavers: We clean pavers using low pressure and a chemical treatment which does not compromise the
polymeric sand in the paver joints. We recommend an annual treatment of pavers to prevent the
bio-accumulation from displacing the sand in the joints after time.

Roofs: Roof shingles can accumulate mold and mildew, which gives the appearance of black stains and
streaks. Left untreated, these streaks will eventually spread to cover your entire roof. White's
Housewashing can rejuvenate a dirty roof with a soft wash technique that is safe and extremely effective.